Design, prototyping, and manufacturing of optical systems and components



2003 until now - Own Company

Design, consulting and prototyping of wide range of imaging or nonimaging optical systems.

1995- 2002 - advanced microoptic systems GmbH

Managing Director

  • Managing of the development and manufacturing of the microoptical components and optical systems.
  • Being one of the cofounders of the company, supervized the product development and established the process line for its manufacturing
  • Authored the novel technology of the refractive microoptical components manufacturing.
  • Designed over 100 types of microoptical components.
  • Designed couple of dozens of optical systems on a base of the microoptical components.
  • Designed a couple of optical systems for DUV eye surgery.
  • Participated in development of special optical software for modelling of optical systems with the microlens arrays.
  • Participated in development of special measurement equipment for microlens testing.

1991-1995 Technopolis, Ltd. Moscow, Russia

Technical Director

  • Managed the development of the technology for the precision grade high-order aspheric optical elements.
  • Implementing these aspheric elements manufacturing technology to establishing of the Belasphere Company, a business currently successfully producing optical elements.
  • Developed an IR ultra light objective with the discreet range of the focal lengths for military applications.
  • Developed a number of projection photolithography systems.
  • Developed IC marker for Lucky Goldstar Corp.

1983-1991 Planar Company Minsk, Belarus

Senior Optical Designer

  • Was a leader of a number of design projects in the area of the optical systems for photolithography Developed a family of projection objectives for the 405, 365, 270, 266, 248, 193 nm steppers. Education

1976 – 1983 St.Petersburg National Research University (ITMO)

  • M.S., Optical Engineering


  • In 1988 the paper on the methodes of simulation and design of lithographic projection lenses was nominated the best in the industry
  • During the career in the Planar Company three times was recognized as the best young engineer of the company.

Patents and Publications

  • Couple of Russian patents on projection lithography systems including the stepper optical systems.
  • Couple of US patents on the microoptical tools for telecommunication.
  • Couple of patents for Lithography illumination systems with Carl Zeiss
  • Couple of publications in professional magazines.

List of Patents

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  2. Projection Lens with –1/30X Magnification. SU1539716, 30.01.1990
  3. Projection Objective with Magnification –1/5X. SU1587461,23.08.1990
  4. 1/5 Magnification Projection Lens. SU1659955,30.06.1991
  5. Focusing Device for Projection Lens. SU1727016,15.04.1992
  6. Projection 1/5X Magnification Objective Lens. SU1758624,30.08.1992
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